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Hoodie: on loan from le boyfriend // Ugg boots: Ugg Premium Button Boots with Leopard Print
Shorts: RAN PT gear

A realistic view of what I wear to bed. Not fashionable or trendy in any way haha, but probably lets you know who I am a little bit.

(Who I am a little bit in case you can't figure it out: I left home 8 months ago to study criminology in the UK and the bf & I decided to stay together. Just recently we celebrated 1 year together (note the lovely flowers! <3) however we've spent more time apart than together. My best friends got me the ugg boots as a going away present to 'avoid frostbite'. My pjs remind me of home, and generally this is what I wear when lurking around my incredibly decrepit student accommodation.)

Also Game of Thrones is probably the best thing ever.
~ MM xx

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 (2:41 PM)