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First Post ^.^

I'm 21 years old, living / 'studying' / traveling in Europe and decided to contribute to the internet by keeping a blog. 
What kind of stuff can you expect to see? I don't know, stuff I like I guess - photography, outfits, overseas destinations, food, cats. I've been keeping an eye on Aussie Curves challenge seen on a few other blogs floating around and been inspired to give it a go for myself, so there's that too. One of my reasons for moving to the other side of the globe was to gain confidence in my chubby self, and I think Aussie Curves will be a fun way of trying to achieve it. Other than that, guess it'll just have to be a surprise!
Not quite sure what else to divulge, haha. I like plants?
~ Carolina (MaowMiaow)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013 (8:16 PM)