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Sunset view from the Galata Tower
Hijab-ing and such // View from hostel rooftop; the Hagia Sofia <3 // Sultan hat found in many bazaars

Sultanahmet Camii, aka. The Blue Mosque
Turkish bath house // Whirling Dervish // Inside the New Mosque
View from sailing the Bosphorous

I've just returned from a week spent in Turkey - I went for ANZAC Day dawn service in Gallipoli (bucket list tick!) and spent a few days in Istanbul - and yeah that place is amazing. The above are a few shnaps I took. ^.^ ps. I really must say that Mavi Guesthouse Hostel was a great pick to stay. I may have somehow accidentally missed my flight back to Manchester (lol) and the staff were ULTRA helpful and wonderful and amazing in helping me get home. If it wasn't for exams I wouldn't have even been that bothered!
Probably more detailed posts on dawn service, food (ultra delicious) and cats later.
~ MM xx
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (8:20 AM)