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Aussie Curves - Headwear

Hola chicas. For this week's headwear challenge I want to share some holiday snaps from fair Verona, Italy.
Indeed, the hometown of Romeo & Juliet. My outfit photos are taken from the ancient Roman amphitheater, which is still used to this day for shows and plays! How cool!
I bought this headscarf from a second hard market in Bologna, Italy, for about $2. I love the retro-esque vibe headscarfs bring to an outfit! I was particularly drawn to the intricate patterns and cool colours this scarf portrays.
They sometimes need a bit of readjusting however!
 My maxi dress had been featured in a previous post, and is from Matalan, an English K-Mart / Target type shop. My belt is from a leather market in Florence, Italy. By the way, you haven't lived until you've tasted true Italian gelato. Casa del Gelato in Melbourne's Lygon street is the closest I have personally sampled in Australia. While it's pretty good, the native italian icecream is on a whole other waffle cone.
While only a small town, Verona is bustling with tourists in the summer season. All the piazzas are overcrowded with people sipping dayglo orange apperitivos, the signature pre-meal drink of the region.
In summary, visit Italy.

~MM xoxo

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (2:05 AM)