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Aussie Curves - Maxi

Brooch: aurora borealis swarovski crystal cat - gift
Dress: Papaya Weekend // Vest: GirlXpress // Belt: Icon // Shoes: not shown for a reason
Lipstick: combination 'Peachy Pink' -  Barry M + 'Pink Sugar' - Revlon

:S My very first Aussie Curves official submission.. played along at home for a fair while haha. I've always liked maxi dresses but never how they looked on me. In about 2 months I'll start traveling around Europe, including a week-long sail around Croatian islands and wanted that aloof-holiday-maxi dress look enough to do something about it regardless. Alas, currently I am nestled in Manchester and - although I wouldn't classify it as such by AU standards -  the temperature has gone from negative to positive degrees, so apparently it's "getting warm". So this is me trying to fit in. (whilst lounging at home with the heater up full blast in ugg boots.)

I'll let everything speak for itself, however, special note: The vest I purchased from K-Mart, and the dress from UK version of K-Mart, Matalan. Matalan is actually pretty good, I'm not sure if they deliver internationally but if you ever find yourself in the UK give it a go.
~MM xx

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Saturday, April 20, 2013 (11:31 PM)