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Aussie Curves - Timesaver

Hoi! I'm often running late so I'm pretty good at timesaving when it comes to getting dressed.This semester all my classes were at 9am. ALL OF THEM! And just for one hour too, so literally back in bed by 1030am. I'll admit, one or two times I just went to class in what I slept in haha especially on those cold mornings. Othertimes I relied on my standard timesaving outfit of choice:
Cardigan: thrifted // Jeans: ASOS // Bag: gift from Chille
I really like these jeans! more of a "jegging" really as they are so thin, but they have a slight acid wash which lurve. This is definately my go-to handbag, great for fitting the ONE SINGLE BOOK I need for my one class a day, and some pens, water, breakfast snack, etc. No doubt you'll be seeing it again ^.^

I can take up to an hour carefully applying make up, or about 5 minutes. After a light application of foundation and a bit of mascara, I discovered the Rimmel Instant Radiance, and its pretty awesome for when you have 0 time. It's a mousse blusher, quite pigmented, so the smallest dab on each cheek blended in makes it totally look like I did not just wake up 5 mins ago.Actually the foundation in the Wake Me Up range is pretty good too.
Top: thrifted (originally supre??) // Boots: Dr. Marten's floral 
Both the top and cardi are from Savers, my absolute favorite place to shop ever. Bit disappointed I have not been able to find an equivalent in Manchester really.

I would also like to share my biggest timesaving tip: wash your hair less often. Not as ew as it sounds, trust. I have very long wavy hair as you can probably see. It takes me about 20 minutes to comb, and about half an hour to wash with shampoo and conditioner, maybe another half an hour to dry with a hairdryer.. ain't nobody got time for that.Whilst still maintaining a daily shower I wash my hair perhaps every 4 days.. these images are taken on day 3, and not looking disgusting. Over time the less often you wash your hair the less oily it becomes, at least that's what I've found anyway. If you wash your hair everyday more oils are produced as the act of cleaning it makes your hair freak out due to the oils they just produced being washed away, then you wash it more to relieve excess oil but more and more is being produced... just a vicious cycle really.
~ MM xx
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Monday, May 6, 2013 (11:18 AM)