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Aussie Curves - $50

Outfit under $50 with access to my full wardrobe is no problem, but since I'm living out of a suitcase it was a bit difficult to show you something that I haven't already casually mentioned! I am no stranger to "popping tags" as it were, all whilst only having $20 in my pocket at the time in question. But I haven't really found similar quality 'thrift shops' overseas, which is annoying. Even in Manchester, hipster central as it were, there were just "retro" or "vintage" shops, where second hand items cost more than new ones probably would. Wheres the fun in that? But anyway, regardless I couldn't miss the opportunity to purchase some bits and bobs (despite ridiculously heavy and over weight limit suitcase), so here is my outfit of the day, which also happens to be under fifty bucks!
Top: Thrifted, $4 // Pants: random Croatian store, $15 // Flats: H&M, $15 // Belt: Florence leather market, $10
Grand total: $44

This black tunic-esque top is a steady go-to piece for me (in fact, I even mentioned it in my timesaver post a few months ago), just so dayum versatile! The cigarette pants, I love the cut and pattern. Perhaps I was inspired to wear them this morning by the bedsheets? The flats have a gorgeous laser cut out pattern, haven't worn them that much as I'm paranoid about getting a weird foot tan in ze european sun and finally THE BELT, I looove. Should have gotten a few more in other colours really.

That's it from me! Please excuse the shitty lighting, rather frustrating not being able to set up camera the way I loike it.
~MM x

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 (3:44 PM)