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Aussie Curves - Festival

Harro everyone! Love this weeks theme, I'm a big festival fan. Already got my ticket to Soundwave 2014! The latest festival I've been to is the Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart, Germany. In fact, I was there about 3 days ago! Cannstatter Volksfest is a beer festival / carnival - essentially a smaller, less touristy Oktoberfest. (Which I also went to this year - perhaps an outfit post on this day to come!)

Haha why for I be grumpy? Anyway, this was my outfit of choice, actually most of it I purchased in Germany. Dressing for a bierfest is rather different to summer / concert / music festivals as 1) its cold outside, but warm in the beer tents 2) most people are wearing lederhosen (think traditional German attire) and 3) it's basically a giant, stein-themed night out. I was actually considering buying lederhousen, but my suitcase is already dangerously overweight. So instead, I opted for layers. The jumper was a real find at just 10 euro (circa $15) at a random shop near a supermarket (lol) but I'm REALLY in love with this amaze hand painted brooch I discovered in an antique shop in Augsburg, Bavaria. I thought it was very appropriate to wear!

Obligatory lebkuchenherzen - gingerbread heart - le boyfriend lovingly purchased for me. Sadly only 3 days in my suitcase and the lettering has deteriorated a fair bit. Perhaps I should just eat it instead of trying to bring it back to aus?
The festival in of itself was pretty sweet, and both of us prefered it to oktoberfest. We had heard that for both beer festivals you should make sure to get there really early to secure a table (as beer is only served to those who have a seat - whether sitting or standing on it!) However as it was just the two of us travelling we found it really easy to turn up, ask for a seat and find one! I suppose the beer tents were looking to make money and we were looking to drink beer, so it worked out pretty well. Also, may I just comment, the food available was (expensive, yet) SO DELICIOUS. I am thinking I will make a post eventually about the food.

That's it from me, in less than a week I'll be back in melb for the first time in 14 months! Rather excite. Also means I can introduce all you lovely ladies to my full wadrobe, which is something I'm really looking forward to reuniting with. :)

~MM xx

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Thursday, October 3, 2013 (5:10 PM)