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Aussie Curves - Pink

Jacket: Sportscraft // Dress: Annah S. collection by Annah Stretton // Earrings: Tilkah // Wedges: London Rebel

I feel very Aussie Curves wearing predominantly Australian & New Zealand labels in this week's pink challenge! I must admit, I'm not too 'pink' of a person. This dress and one top completes my pink clothes range in fact. But OHMY, can we just pause and discuss this dress. It is def one of the cutest garments I own. I bought it a few years ago, when I was holidaying in New Zealand. It is by the amazingly talented and whimsical Kiwi designer Annah Stretton. Being "inbetween" plus and straight sizes at a chubby-yet-lovable size 16/18, I was at first reluctant to enter the boutique, but I was lured in by the romantic/feminine/detailed aesthetic. Please admire here. I'm so glad that I ventured in! Size XL fits me rather comfortably and I adore the ruffled lampshade that is this dress! Could not help but include a hairflick photo to fully convey how fun it is to wear it.
The military-esque Sportscraft jacket is a cashmere blend, I love it. The earrings, Melbounre-based Tilkah, the Annah Stretton of the accessories world!

I'm back home in Melbourne as well, after 15 months living/studying/traveling in Europe! yay!

**** BONUS IMAGE ****

When I was 15 I went through every concieveable haircolour. This is a photo from my debutante ball where it was a very hot pink! My mum made me a complementary vintage pink lace bolero. Unfortunately for me my partner was an extremely flourecent redhead, we clashed terribly ahah.


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Monday, October 14, 2013 (3:29 AM)